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Auto Crashes

Auto Crashes

What are Auto Crashes?

Commonly known as traffic collisions,auto crashes occur when a motor vehicle strikes another vehicle, a structure, a pedestrian, or any other geographical impediment. Auto crashes are rarely uniform in nature; they vary in regards to severity and damage inflicted. Because of the wide range of damage, there are a variety of litigation issues surrounding auto crashes.
Causes of Vehicle Auto  Crashes
Auto crashes may be precipitated for the following reasons: the driver’s speed, the design of the road, the make of the vehicle, the safety features of the vehicle (was the driver wearing a seat belt) and the angle of the car accident.The contributing factor of auto crashes is crucial to observe for the determination of fault. This evaluation of liability is crucial in administering legal charges and filing claims.
The following examples are common causes of auto crashes: Driver Error, which includes, negligent actions behind the wheel, including violating traffic laws. Driver errors are often fueled by distractions, such as texting,  fidgeting with the radio or talking on the phone. Other causes include: driving while intoxicated and vehicle defects
Litigation and Vehicle Auto Crashes:
Litigation in auto accident cases is elastic to the severity of the situation.Accidents that produce minimal injuries will initiate legal resolutions through insurance claims or out-of-pocket negotiations. If the accident causes severe injury, which in turn causes exorbitant medical costs, a thorough investigation to determine fault is required.
If auto crashes result in death the inclusion of law enforcement to investigate liability is mandatory. Depending on the investigation, the driver at fault may be held accountable and subsequently face a slew of criminal charges. 
Cases that require litigation will be administered through the local court system where the accident took place. It is suggested that the involved parties hire a legal attorney to initiate and expedite the claim.