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Beware of Texting While Driving

Beware of Texting While Driving

What is Texting While Driving?
Texting While Driving is considered to be a form of reckless driving, which is defined as the unsafe or unlawful operation of a motor vehicle, which consists of the utilization of a cellular telephone whilst operating a motor vehicle.
While the operation of a cellular telephone may be considered to consist strictly of speaking on the telephone, the advent of text messaging has created an additional hazard of roadways existing on both domestic and international levels. Text message allows for individuals to transmit text-based messages through cellular telephone lines, which result in the immediate transmission of the text entered.

The Dangers of Driving and Texting
Due to the speed undertaken by vehicles on today’s roadways, momentary aversion of one’s gaze from the road can result in a car accident. Both damage and injuries sustained as a result of Texting While Driving are tried accordingly, giving them added weight regardless of the absence of voluntary intent. In the realm of legality, reckless driving is most often associated with negligent operation of a motor vehicle.

Texting While Driving Background
While telecommunication and driving may not appear to be related at first glance, the implementation of cellular telephone usage has implanted itself as a staple within many societies; as a result, the ease of accessibility and usage inherent within modern cellular telephony has allowed for their use while operating a motor vehicle.
However, the act of using a cellular telephone device while driving has been classified as ‘distracted driving’; the activity of distracted driving has been reported as the catalysts for a rising number of vehicular deaths reported in a wide variety of Texting While Driving sources:

Texting While Driving Statistics
Texting While Drivingstatistics attribute the act of distracted driving to be the cause of an increasing number of traffic accidents primarily caused by texting whilst operating a motor vehicle, which drastically increases the risk of traffic accidents:
Texting While Driving is reported to increase the risk of a vehicle accident by upwards of 23%
Texting While Driving is considered to rival the impairment latent within Drunk Driving, allowing for slower reaction times, distraction, and inability to focus
Almost 100% of the population acknowledges the danger within Texting While Driving; however, upwards of 20% of those polled admitted to doing it on a regular basis
Demographically, Texting While Driving statistics name individuals between the ages of 18 and 27 years to be the primary participants; this particular demographic contributes to upwards of 35% of all Texting While Driving offenses

Texting While Driving Legality
Although the nature of these distracted driving accidents typically result of from liability derived from ‘negligence’, the additional terminology including ‘accidental’ is applicable, as well; the fault of the accident is presumed to belong to the individual engaging in distracted driving
Despite the expressed nature of the distracted driving offense – which may include events transpiring that are seemingly absent of a latent intent to engage in  reckless, careless, or expressly-unlawful behavior – Texting While Driving Sources have closely reported that these individuals can and will be charged with criminal negligence resulting from this act
Involuntary Manslaughter resulting from a Car Accident in which the occurrence of the untimely death of an individual is classified as a direct result of the car accident in question; both regardless of  the lack of expressed intent within the actions of the driver, as well the individual killed as a result of a car accident, Texting While Driving sources report that such a charge retains culpability with regard to manslaughter