Car Accident

The Truth About Auto Accidents

The Truth About Auto Accidents

The Truth About Auto Accidents
Auto accidents can cause the liable party to experience a number of associated adverse repercussions. For instance, the party who is responsible for an auto accident will be required to pay for the damage to his/her vehicle and the other party's vehicle. If the other party is physically injured, he/she may initiate a lawsuit against the responsible individual. In addition, the auto accident will be noted by his/her insurance company and his/her insurance costs will increase. An individual may be required to pay significantly more money for insurance, following an auto accident. 
Generally, an auto accident will not warrant a criminal record. However, the incident will remain on an individual's insurance record for an extended period of time. The exact time period will vary from one insurance company to another. Usually, an auto accident will remain on an individual’s record for 5 to 7 years following the incident.




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