Fatal Auto Accidents

Fatal Auto Accidents

Fatal Auto Accidents

What are Fatal Auto Accidents?
Fatal auto accidents are the most severe and unfortunate types of driving wrecks. As the name suggests, a fatal auto accident occurs when one or more people involved in an accident dies. The death, whether instantaneous or not, is the result of sustaining devastating bodily injuries. 
Fatal auto accidents, although distinct based on a case by case circumstance, are typically precipitated by a few negligent or reckless maneuvers. A responsible driver is typically present in most fatal auto accident cases. These motorists augment the probability of death by speeding, not paying attention to the road, driving while under the influence or breaking traffic laws. If a death is caused by any of these negligent actions, the party responsible for the death will likely face criminal charges.
Due to the seriousness associated with fatal auto accidents, litigation and the legal process surrounding the accident is complex and specific. Fatal auto accidents, if precipitated by a reckless or negligent action, may yield one of the following criminal charges: vehicular manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, or murder. The delineation of these charges is rooted in the responsible driver's use of the vehicle. In addition to driver fault, fatal auto accidents may result from manufacturing negligence. In instances where a vehicle malfunctions and kills a driver or pedestrian, the manufacturer and dealer of the automobile is held liable. 
Types of Fatal Auto Accidents:
There are two types of fatal auto accidents; both types describe the time of death and the way in which the victim dies. A sudden death auto accident occurs when the individual dies on impact. The crash is so severe that the individual immediately dies. These accidents, due to their severity and power, typically involve large trucks, explosions, multiple cars and obscene driving habits. The second type of fatal auto accident is an eventual death auto accident. These fatal auto accidents involve a slower death; the injuries sustained do not immediately kill the individual. Common accident-related injuries that would kill an individual over time include: broken neck, fractured skull, ruptured organ, internal bleeding, multiple lacerations/loss of blood, multiple broken bones or heart failure. 




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